Friday, March 31, 2017

An Introduction to My Traveler's Notebook

I had previously posted about my four planner setup, and how much it was working for me. Emphasis on was, because I recently expanded into a passport size Traveler's Notebook in camel.

My personal sized Malden Filofax in Ochre was my everyday carry.  It has everything in it, which is awesome for running errands and such.  But with Little Dude scheduled to arrive in a few short weeks, I knew that toting around my Filofax along with a baby, diaper bag, stroller, and other things that come along with #momlife would get to be too much.  So I started to search for something that was small enough to be tossed into the diaper bag, but still customizable to my lifestyle.  That's about when I came across Seaweed Kisses' Youtube channel.  After watching her video on her passport TN setup, I decided to order one for myself.

Currently, I'm just using Notebook Refill 003 with a free printable calendar from Wendaful glued inside while I wait for a collection of inserts I ordered to arrive.  And while I don't see myself giving up my Filofax any time soon, I'm really loving the simplicity and portability of the passport size Traveler's Notebook as an everyday carry planner.

Check back in a few weeks, and I will update you on how my setup changes with my new inserts.  :)

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