Wednesday, January 18, 2017

How (and Why) I Use 4 Planners

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When I first started dabbling in the planner community, I was taken aback by people that used more than one planner.  I would think, Why could you possibly need multiple planners?!  No one is that busy!  I had my one personal planner, and that was enough for me.  At least, to start with anyway...

Flash forward a few years, and I now find myself using four planners.  Yes, four.  And it's not because I'm just that busy- it's because they each serve a purpose for keeping a specific area of my life organized and under control.  OCD?  Maybe.  But I've found that they each help me a great deal!  And today I wanted to share exactly what each one does.

First up, I have my personal, everyday planner.  I use a personal sized Filofax Malden in Ochre that is the perfect size to drop in my bag and carry with me. (Which is good, because it literally goes EVERYWHERE with me!)  The leather is super soft and flexible for me to chunk it up with my monthly and weekly calendar, important lists, notes, to dos, shopping lists, and coupons all at easy access.  And it makes running errands a dream!

Then next up, I have this beautiful Recollections A5 planner from Michael's.  This is what keeps my household running smoothly.  It holds my budget, bills, stamps, return address labels, household to do lists, and phone numbers for all of our repairmen and utilities. I just set this up at the start of the year, but I already use it on an almost daily basis, and have found that it's making a huge difference!

My third planner is The Happy Planner from me & my BIG ideas.  I use this for all business and blogging related things...income, expenses, plans, and notes and ideas.  Before I kept all of this information together in my personal planner, but I just found that made things much too crowded and complicated.  Separating and spacing them out keeps it simple.

And my last planner is a Recollections Creative Year Spiral Bound Pregnancy Planner from Michael's.  With Baby Plumb on the way, I wanted something to specifically track my pregnancy symptoms and questions for the doctor.  But along with that, I also use it to house any important paperwork or pamphlets that we need to keep, making it an easy grab and go when it comes close to time for Baby to arrive!

I do have plans to film flip-through videos of these planners to give y'all a better idea of setup, but I'm still in the process of tweaking the exact layouts in each.  Once I have them perfected, I will work on getting those up for y'all!  :)

So are you a multiple planner person too?  What do you like to use?  Comment down below and let me know!

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