Saturday, August 20, 2016

10 Things to Do in Charleston

When someone asks me what my favorite place to visit is, I'm very quick to reply with "Charleston, SC".  It's a beautiful, historic city that is brimming full of Southern charm.  If you're a fan of Georgian architecture, delicious comfort food, historic sites, a wide variety of shopping, or just relaxing on the beach, then Charleston is definitely worth paying a visit.

But if I could only choose 10 places to visit in the city, these would be the places that I absolutely had to visit:
  1. Battery Park. My advice is to pack a lunch and pick one of the oak trees to sit down under and have lunch. It's such a beautiful, Southern-style park.
  2. Hyman's Seafood. This is probably the best food I have ever eaten in my entire life.  (Not exagerating!) There's almost always a long wait to eat here, but it's well worth it. Super fresh seafood, that's been expertly prepared.
  3. Angel Oak. Technically, this is outside of Charleston, but you must pay a visit to this nearby 400-500 year old oak tree. It's so large and sprawling, you will expect fairies to be living in it.
  4. Sullivan's Island Beach. This is the most adorable beach town I've ever seen.  Small, charming, and not crowded...what more do you want from a beach?
  5. Rainbow Row. The colorful houses make up the longest row of Georgian style houses in the US. You definitely want to stop and take a few photos here.
  6. Charleston City Market. If you are looking for a good place to pick up a locally made souvenir or a sweet grass basket, this is the place to look. It's like physically walking through Etsy.
  7. King Street Shopping District. Every sort of store you can imagine is here. Whether you're just browsing or wanting to do some hardcore shopping, this is a great place to go.
  8. Fort Sumter National Monument. If you're a Civl War or history buff, you absolutely must visit here. And as a bonus, the ferry ride over to Fort Sumpter gives you beautiful views of the city!
  9. Waterfront Park. I think that strolling along this park was my favorite walk in Charleston. It's so relaxing, and a great way to walk off all of the food that you will be eat! ;)
  10. Toast. It's kind of small and easy to miss (compared to a lot of the other eateries in Charleston), but this hidden gem is so delicious. The seafood platter is excellent for sharing and getting a sample of everything.

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