Friday, August 19, 2016

What's In My Planner Supply Basket?

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I recently found this bright blue shower caddy at my local dollar store, and I thought it would be great for storing my most used planner and Bible journaling supplies.  It turns out that it's exactly what I needed- everything fits perfectly inside it!  So I thought that for today's post I would share what I keep in it, since it has the supplies that I love and reach for the most for decorating my planner or working in my journaling Bible. 

First off, in the smallest cubby, I store all of my favorite pens and pencils.  I've been a Paper Mate Flair Pens fan for a while now.  They are so bold and colorful for using on a planner page.  But when it comes to Bible journaling, the Crayola Twistables Colored Pencils are my favorite.  I know that there's already a lot of hype in the Bible Journaling world around these, but it's for good reason.  They are super soft and smooth on the page, and thanks to the unique twist design, no pencil sharpener is necessary! I also keep a few mechanical pencils, a 6 inch ruler, and a Pigma Micron Pen.  

Beside that section is all of my washi tape and a BIC Wite-Out Brand Correction Tape.  Believe me, my washi tape collection used to be quite a bit larger than this!  But last year, after I went on my decluttering spree, I pared it all down to just this bit.  And I'm very happy with that- it's just enough for what I need to decorate my planner or Bible.

And in the last section, in the back, I keep a hole punch, a sticker album, my journaling Bible, and a Daiso pouch filled with sticky notes. I absolutely love keeping all of my stickers organized in a 4x6 photo album.  I can very quickly and easily flip through to find just the sticker I'm looking to use!  The journaling Bible that I use is the ESV Journaling Bible.  I do wish that the pages were a bit thicker, but otherwise, it's just right for me.  Small enough to be portable, but with pages that are large enough to be embellished.  And the Daiso pouch of sticky notes is actually rather empty these days.  I just don't seem to reach for sticky notes as much as I did before.

Hopefully this will give y'all some ideas and inspiration for storing and organizing your own planner or Bible journaling supplies, or even help you get started with which supplies to buy if you are just getting started.  And be sure to comment down below with your own storage ideas!  :)

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