Monday, August 15, 2016

Tips for Organizing Your Purse + What's in My Purse?

A woman's purse is basically like an extra appendage, loaded down with what we deem as essential for surviving every day life.  And in the hustle of work and errands, it can very easily become cluttered and disorganized.  That's why today I wanted to share how I keep the chaos in my purse under control, as well giving y'all a little peek into what's in my bag.  So let's dive in:

My biggest secret is to use bags and pouches to organize your essentials. I absolutely love these two small square makeup bags that I got from Walmart!  They make finding a snack or a hair tie super easy!

I actually have two "wallets".  One is a card case that I got from Target years ago, and the other is a budget envelope wallet that I use to organize cash, receipts, and coupons.  I also like to keep my keys clipped to my card case at all makes finding my keys SO much easier!

My makeup bag definitely probably contains more than what I actually need, but one thing that I've found to help save space is to carry as many travel and sample size products as possible.  They're so much lighter, and take up way less space.

I've seen quite a few "What's in My Purse" videos on Youtube, and I always marvel at the fact that almost everyone has a tangle of earbuds in their bag.  When you keep headphones wrapped up and contained it will save so much tangling and mess!  I've always stored mine in the little plastic case that they originally came in, and I love how neat and protected it keeps them in my bag.

And the last thing I've found that helps keep my purse organized the most is to give it a regular emptying and clean out.  At least once a week, I dump everything out, and sort it all to make sure I'm not carrying around any trash or unnecessary items.

I hope that this helps you get your own bag under control and organized!  And what essentials do you like to keep in your purse?  Comment down below and let me know!