Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Tips for Organizing Your Car

If you're just starting out on the decluttering path, tackling your car is probably the best place to start.  And let's face it- our cars tend to be the dumping ground for fast food wrappers, receipts, jackets, and an assortment of reusable tote bags.  When you live a busy life (and most of us do), the car tends to suffer the most.  So how do you get it organized and under control?  With a few quick steps, it can be done in under an hour.  :)

1. Empty it all out.  Take everything- and I mean everything- out of your car.  Empty every compartment.  Look in the trunk.  And don't forget to check under the seats!

2. Trash the obvious things.  Out of date maps, food wrappers, empty water bottles, random receipts, and scraps of paper...all go straight to the trash.

3. Get a good storage bin.  I keep a plastic crate in my trunk to corral all of my essentials and emergency supplies.  It's sturdy, and helps keep things from sliding around as I drive.

4. Build your emergency kit.  It's always a good idea to keep a few basic emergency supplies in your car.  That includes a first aid kit, a warm blanket, water bottles, snacks, and a few basic tools.  For a more detailed list, you can see my car checklist below.

5. Create a car binder.  One of the best things I've done to get my car organized is creating a car binder.  This is where I not only keep things like my car's most recent inspection, maintenance history, and mechanic info, but also emergency contact information, should I ever be involved in a car accident.

6. Keep a trash bag handy.  I always try to keep a plastic bag in the backseat for trash.  It helps make keeping the car clean and clutter free so much easier!

7. Have a routine cleaning day.  Once a month, I like to give the car a good cleaning.  That means vacuuming, wiping down the dash board, conditioning the leather, and rinsing off the outside.  

Like I mentioned earlier, as a special bonus, I'm attaching a handy checklist of things that I like to keep in my car.  Use it as a jumping off point for you as you get started organizing your own vehicle!

And remember- decluttering and getting organized is easy.  Just take it one step at a time.  Happy Decluttering!  :)

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