Monday, August 15, 2016

How to Restore a Vintage Leather Handbag

One of the things that I've sort half-heartedly been looking for at thrift stores lately is a small, black leather cross body bag. Lo and behold, on a recent trip to look for small pieces of furniture, I came across this vintage leather Coach bag for a mere $15. It was scuffed badly, and the black leather was so faded that the store actually had it in a section of navy blue bags, but overall, it was still in overall great shape. So I bought it, and within the span of two hours, restored it to a beautiful, like-new condition! And the great thing is, it's really not that hard to do! So here's the how-to for restoring your own vintage leather finds:

Supplies Needed:
-leather scuff cover
-leather lotion
-an old towel or tshirt
-a grocery bag or old newspaper 
-plastic bags

1. Spread out a newspaper or grocery bag over your work area. Then, stuff the bag with enough plastic bags to have it fully expanded.
2. Dampen a corner of your towel with a bit of water, and dust off the exterior. Be sure to run it over all of the creases and corners as well!
3. Once it dries, use a bottle of scuff cover in a shade that matches your bag. If it's just a few light scuffs, only hit those areas. But if the overall color is faded, use your towel to buff it all over the bag. Let it dry and absorb for at least an hour.
4. Use a leather lotion to condition and restore the leather. Take special care to work it into the places where the leather receives the most wear, like straps, and areas where it folds and creases. Let dry and absorb for another hour, and you're done. :)

So the next time you're out thrifting or yard saling, don't walk from a leather bag just because it's shows a few rough signs of wear- try giving it a little TLC. You would be surprised at the difference it can make!

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