Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Tips for Finding Your Style

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Defining your style is an important part of narrowing down your wardrobe, because not only is it a part of how you present yourself, but it's also essential in refining your shopping strategies. So just where do you begin with mapping out what your personal style is? There are a few quick and easy ways to do it:

-Create a vision board. Either on Pinterest or by tearing out pages in magazines, find the images of outfits and pieces that you are most drawn to, and gather them together. Once you finish, look at what you picked. A similarity or pattern will eventually show. Maybe you picked all classic styles, or edgier things...find whatever the underlying theme is in what you chose.

-Make a list of who and what inspires you. Living or not, it could be celebrities, models, or even just a certain brand. Make a list of them, and search through their photos to gain inspiration. Maybe you like Audrey Hepburn's timeless-chic, or Kate Hudson's boho-glam, or Caroline de Maigret's casual-cool.  Or maybe you are drawn to stores like Anthropology, or Zara, or J. Crew.  Write them down, and add them to your vision board.

-Describe what you feel most comfortable wearing.  Do you love wearing dresses, but hate pants? Do you feel most confident in a simple shirt, or a ruffly blouse? Are you all about wearing high heels, or do you prefer a nice pair of sneakers instead?  Look past the things that you hate to wear, and focus on what you love the most.

-Find what makes you feel most confident.  You know that piece that feels most "right" when you put it on?  The sweater that has a flattering neckline, or the dress that accentuates your waist, or the shirt that's just right shade of blue...when you put it on, you feel your best.  Look at what those pieces are, and you will find even more clues to your personal style.

-Choose your style word(s).  Choosing a style genre that fits you will help nail down your style, but don't feel like you always have to stick to just one category.  People are all different, and have different lifestyles and tastes- sometimes using just one isn't enough!  So look through the following style types, and choose the one or two (or three!) that matches your fashion tastes the most:

You're all about simple pieces that stand the test of time. Think simple shirts, solid pants, cable knit sweaters, pea coats, structured bags, pencil skirts, and shift dresses.

You like relaxed, natural, and flowing pieces. Think over-sized sweaters, maxi dresses, unstructured bags, lace, natural colors, and layered jewelry.

You can also call this "rocker" style. Think leather jackets, blazers, skinny jeans, lots of black, chunky metallic jewelry, and boots in every form. 

4. Glam

You are drawn to all things sequined, over-sized, and fabulous.  Think metallic silvers and golds, (faux) fur, high heels, silky blouses, and designer logos.

5. Casual

You like to keeps things relaxed and easy.  Think a good pair of jeans, a screen printed t shirt, leggings, crossbody bags, Tom's, and a trendy pair of sneakers.

6. Vintage

You identify with the styles of yester-year.  Think cardigan sweaters, a-line dresses, ballet flats, cat eye sunglasses, pearls, and polka dots.

Now, remember what I said about not having to stick with only one genre?  For me, that means pulling elements from casual and bohemian, with a few edgy elements thrown in here and there.  Because when it comes to finding your style, the bottom line is this: the fashion industry shouldn't dictate how you dress.  Find what works for you and your lifestyle, and that's your style.  

Happy dressing, y'all!  :)

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