Tuesday, January 5, 2016

How to Declutter Your Makeup Bag

We've talked about cleaning out your wardrobe, but when was the last time you cleaned out your makeup bag? Last month? Last season? Last year??

I used to hoard makeup like Ulta and Sephora were going to shutdown forever. But this past summer, I realized what I was really hoarding were a bunch of products that I hardly reached for, some of which were just going bad and breeding bacteria. And that's definitely not pretty! So I began purging and whittling down my collection to just what I loved and used regularly. The results? A much more manageable makeup collection that fit into a single makeup bag. I couldn't be happier with it! 

So here are a few bits of advice that I learned along the way:

-Dump it all out. Pretty much every purging process begins with creating a big ol' pile of stuff, so dig through all your bathroom cabinets, your purse, your vanity, etc. and pull out every single cosmetic item you own.

-Trash the obvious. Broken or hard eye shadows, melted lipsticks, dried out cream blushes, goopy nail polishes, lip glosses with a funny smell, clumpy mascara...all of those things can go straight to the garbage bin.

-Assess what you don't use.  When was the last time you actually wore that red lipstick or blue eye shadow?  And maybe that peachy blush was featured in your favorite magazine, but does it look good on you?  Give it a swatch and decide.  If you choose to get rid of it, sanitize it, and either give it away or sell it on Poshmark.

-Give your prized pieces a place of honor. Once you finish the clean out, give your holy grail products a new storage solution. Whether it's a spiffy new makeup bag, an acrylic container, or a decorative tray, designating a specific container or area for your makeup will help prevent you from falling back into old habits and hoarding more products than you can actually use.

Want keep the cleaning process going?  You can click here to read the rest of my "Decluttered" series!  :)

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