Tuesday, November 17, 2015

How to Declutter Your Social Media Accounts

When you hear the word "declutter", it's probably something that you equate to a junk drawer or closet.  But something that it isn't often used in conjunction with is social media.  Yes, this post is all about decluttering your social media accounts.  And while that may seem silly at first, think about it:  most people have had Facebook and Twitter accounts for several years.  That usually means those silly tweets and blurry pictures are just hanging out in your social media past.  And let's be honest, most of us change and grow over the course of time.  Shouldn't you be presenting your best self in the social media world?  This is especially true if you use your accounts more for professional purposes. (I'm looking at you, fellow bloggers and Etsy shop owners!)

And consider how much time you spend scrolling through post after post of content that you're no longer interested in seeing.  It actually becomes a bit of time saver to go in and unfollow the accounts that you always scroll past, and condense things down to what you're currently interested in reading.

Now, I know that this seems like a bit of a huge task, but done bit by bit, it can easily be tackled within the span of a month.  So grab your phone, tablet, or laptop, and let's get started!

Analyze Your Accounts.

To begin, analyze what you actually use vs. what you rarely use.  While you might post to Instagram daily, if you haven't used Twitter in over 2 years, then maybe you should consider giving that account a deactivate.  Give the social media accounts you have a cold, hard look and decide what you want to give more attention.


Ah, Facebook.  This is probably where the bulk of my social media clutter happens, and often what I tackle the most.  So just what are we decluttering here?  Old vacation photos, liked pages that you're no longer interested in, friends that you just don't keep in touch with anymore, previous status updates that just seem silly now, groups that you're inactive with, games and apps that you no longer use, and even old message threads that aren't relevant anymore.  And have you ever used the unfollow feature?  Let me tell you, it's life-changing to your newsfeed!


Twitter can be a bit easier to clean through, but longer.  Time to dig through your old tweets and pictures.  Anything that just doesn't seem necessary to be out in the Twitter-sphere?  Anything that doesn't relate to you now?  Delete it.  And then comes the people and companies you follow.  If someone or something doesn't hold your interest anymore, unfollow.


Pretty much the same process from Twitter applies to Instagram.  Old photos that really hold no meaning or purpose?  Delete.  Photos that don't match your overall theme?  Delete. And unfollow the users that you are no longer interested in seeing in your home feed.


Take a look through each of your boards and sort through from the beginning.  (Yes, the beginning!) Delete any images or ideas that just don't seem relevant or inspiring to you anymore.  Then, like with other social media, tackle who and what you follow.  Unfollow what you don't like anymore, and keep what you do still love.

Everything Else.

Follow the same line of thinking for any other forms of social media you regularly use- Tumblr, Google+, etc.  Analyze what you've posted in the past, and unfollow anyone or anything that you're no longer interested in seeing.  Just keep working, gradually, until you've sorted through it all.

The Aftermath.

Once you've finished your cleaning blitz, now is the time to go back through and streamline your profiles.  This is particularly important if you use your social media sites for business or blogging.  Write a concise, updated biography and use the same (or similar) profile pictures for them all.  It makes it easier for readers and friends to find you across the board, and blends them altogether seamlessly.

And most importantly, follow up.  I give my social media accounts a good cleaning about twice a year.  It helps keep things clean, up to date, and relevant to me.  And now I challenge you to do the same!  :)

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