Friday, October 16, 2015

My Pre-Travel Checklist

I love to travel and get away, but when I return home, I always find the transition back to everyday life to be rough. That's why I made myself a pre-travel checklist- it helps to make the process of coming back to routine so much easier when I know that a lot of things are already done!  So here's what I like to do to make that vacation-state-of-mind last just a little longer:  

Clean the House. Within two days of leaving, I give the house a good cleaning. I put away anything that's out of place, dust, vacuum, and wipe down the kitchen and bathroom. It's always pleasant to return to an already clean home!

Do the laundry. Returning from a trip usually means coming home with a pile of dirty laundry, so to save myself from doing 6 loads in one day, I like to make sure the hamper is at least 90% empty before I go.  

Clear out perishable foods. Nobody wants to return home to the smell of rotting bananas or aging leftovers. That's why I purge the refrigerator and pantry of any food that may expire or go bad while I'm gone. 

Pay any bills. I always check my bill pay calendar before leaving to make sure that anything that's due during or immediately following my trip is paid. It gives me one less thing to worry about while on vacation.

Water all plants. The night before leaving, I give my plants- both inside and outside- a thorough watering.  That way, I know that they're taken care of for at least a week.

Take out the trash. I try to save this one for the very last possible minute, because it isn't so great to return home and be greeted by stinking garbage when you open your door.

Charge electronics. The night before, I make sure that any electronics I'm taking with me are charged up and ready to go. Cellphone, camera, tablet, etc.

Lay out bags and travel necessities.
The last thing I do is make sure that my packed bags, clothes I plan to wear while traveling, and any necessary documents or tickets are laid out and ready to go. That way, I can just grab them and go off without a worry...and definitely be ready for vacation!

So what things do you like to do before heading off on an adventure?  Comment below and let me know!  :)

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