Friday, April 10, 2015

The 3 Bags Every Woman Needs in Her Closet

Classic Bags

1. The Everyday Bag.  This is the bag that you rely on to tote around your day-to-day essentials.  It holds basics, like your wallet and phone, but has room to spare for your planner, iPad, fabric swatches for your living room, grocery coupons, etc.  It matches pretty much everything in your closet, and it's also the bag that's worth investing in, since it will get the most wear.


2. The Evening Bag.  At some point, you will be invited to wedding, dinner out, or some sort of other formal occasion where bringing along a large bag is just not necessary.  That's where the evening bag comes into play.  Small, yet able to hold your wallet, phone, and a lipstick, it should be neutral enough to match all of your formal wear.  And since it probably won't be a bag that you reach for often, this is also a good bag to save your money on.

Fun Bags

3. The Just-for-Fun Bag. This is the bag that you can reach for when you need to add a punch of color or print to your outfit.  It makes a plain t-shirt and jeans look just a bit more interesting.  This is the bag where it's okay to go cheaper, since you probably won't give it as much attention as your everyday bag, and you might like changing it out every year or so.

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