Thursday, April 9, 2015

10 Things to Do in Richmond

You have no idea how hard it was for me to make this list.  When it comes to my home city, there are so many great places that I would recommend to someone coming here for a visit!  Let's face it- Richmond is full of history, arts, and really great food.  To narrow it all down to just 10 seems to sell it short.  But if you are planning a weekend trip to RVA (that's what we locals lovingly call Richmond), I definitely suggest you hit these places:

  1. White House of the Confederacy  Richmond was the capital of the Confederacy during the Civil War, so it's easy to see why it's so filled with Civil War history.  Take a visit to the beautiful executive mansion, and follow it up with a visit to the Museum of the Confederacy next door.
  2. The Byrd Theater  Aside from being extremely budget-friendly ($2 a person!), The Byrd is absolutely breath-taking to see.  It was built in 1928, and the decor hasn't changed since.  It's even more enjoyable if you go while The Mighty Wurlitzer Organ is played!
  3. Virginia Museum of Fine Arts  First opened in 1936, the VMFA houses art spanning all periods of history and styles, as well as rotating exhibitions.  In the past, there have been exhibits of Hollywood Costumes, Chihuly, and Faberge.  I definitely suggest planning your visit around what their future exhibits will be.
  4. Strawberry Street Cafe  Brunch here is a must!  An old fashioned bathtub serves up a buffet of mouth-watering eggs, ham, bacon, biscuits, grits, fruit, and more.
  5. Belle Isle  Feeling adventurous?  Make a stop here to explore beautiful walking trails, soak up some sun on top of the river rocks, or do some paddling on the James River.
  6. For the Love of Chocolate  This shop is a choco-holic's paradise!  They offer up a large variety candy, both from around the world and locally made.  My personal favorites come from the bulk candy jars.
  7. St. John's Church  In addition to Civil War history, Richmond is also home to some Colonial history.  St. John's Church was where Patrick Henry gave his famous "Give me liberty or give me death!" speech.  
  8. Maymont  A beautiful 100-acre park with a historic mansion, beautiful gardens, a nature center, and more, Maymont definitely requires several hours to enjoy.  Packing a lunch and having a picnic here is a must!
  9. Galaxy Diner  This is my absolute-favorite place to eat in Richmond.  It's a classic diner with a 1950's space theme.  On the menu, you will find everything from burgers, to omelettes, to hot dogs, all served up with a unique twist.  Definitely worth the calorie-splurge!
  10. 17th Street Farmer's Market  If you want to truly get local, this is the place to go.  One of America's oldest public markets, when go here you will find incredibly fresh, locally produced goods.
That's just for starters.  I didn't include things like a walk down Monument Avenue, Agecroft Hall, Can Can, or Millie's Diner.  Or places to visit in the surrounding area, like Colonial Williamsburg, Busch Gardens, or Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden.  Or First Friday's Art Walk. Or when Nascar comes to town.  Or when the Richmond Ballet has the Nutcracker in December.

I guess that you will just have to come back and visit again.  :)

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  1. Love it! I've always wanted to visit Galaxy diner, but haven't yet gone. Your list hits all the same great attractions that mine do, too! :)