Monday, February 23, 2015

Cruising Around

This past month has been a crazy one! On top of moving and settling into our new home, the Mister and I also took an 8 day cruise through the Bahamas with Royal Caribbean. It was a nice break from the brutal cold back at home, and from the stress of moving.

The food was delicious, the ports of call were inspiring and fun, and the excuse to plop in a deck chair and read was a treat for me! Minus some rough seas on the journey leaving and coming back to Baltimore, it was a great getaway. I'm already wondering when and where my next cruise will take me...

Unfortunately, my first Monday back to reality hasn't been kind to me. The weather has turned painfully freezing again, and I'm down with a nasty cold. But at least I have these photos and memories to help keep me warm! 

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